Soosan Joon Studio
Founded in 2005

Soosan Joon Silanee is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Miami. She began her career in Chicago where she received a MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

Soosan's biggest inspiration is her mother. From her mom's extravagant Persian parties to her obsession with documenting her muses, fashion trends, and milestones... this became part of Soosan's everyday. Full of rich and visual memories, naturally she inherited the same passion for her surroundings of people, places, and things. 

Within her body of work, you can see Soosan's personality through her illustrations: fun, sophisticated, and approachable. She marries lifestyle with a sense of accessibility using her favorite combination of watercolor and ink. Soosan's worldly travels and daily findings organically painted a path from her sketchbook to the moments outside the studio: "I have always valued my sketchbook most, and believed there is a space and appreciation for the rawness and honesty of my suggestive drawings."

At Soosan Joon Studio, she is focused on the individual. The one-on-one consultation is part of the exclusive experience with her clients. Soosan reinterprets personality and character with expression and detail in every stroke. She captures a distinct yet accurate representation of her subjects. This makes each bespoke commission illustrative, with her signature eclectic and vibrant style.

Soosan currently lives and works in Miami with her loving husband, Christopher, and 3 children LilyRose, Siena Belle, and the recent newcomer, Chaunce.

Luxury & Fashion
Watercolor & Ink
Adobe Creative Suite
Custom-Designed Paper Goods 

Graphic Design
Lettering & Motifs
Wedding Suites & Stationery
Commercial & Private Commissions

New York Cares
Carnival Cruise Line
American Express
Momentum Worldwide
Douglas Rose
Douglas Elliman
Daily Planet
Loyola Press
Meshberg Group
Corcoran Group
Pine Hall Brick
Sowind Group
Vince Camuto
ITOCHU Prominent USA
Cortez Groupe
Erika Peña Designs

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